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Monitor Lungs | Relieve Anxiety | Boost Immunity 
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Award Wining Health Solution 

What the world leading Health technology has to say about iFeelWell:


Hermann Gröhe
"Most revolutionary health 
care start up"

World Forum for Medicine

Mark Wächter
Ranked Among the Top 10 Medical Apps

Viva Technology Challenge

Kristin Milburn
"One of the most interesting and innovative companies in the respiratory sector"

iFeelWell as seen on
NewsWatch AMC TV

iFeelWell as seen on NewsWatch AMC TV

Monitor Lungs  |  Relieve Anxiety  |  Boost Immunity

Monitor Lungs & Heart Functions​

The iFeelWell App and smart pulse Oximeter provides convenient, at-home self-assessment that allows you to track:

  • Oxygen levels (SP02) – lung function, now & past readings
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – cardiovascular and overall health indicator

Those critical Covid-19 indicators may give you life saving early warning for the possibility of contracting Covid-19. 

Relieve Anxiety & Stress

iFeelWell’s stress-relief breathing exercises, driven by your heart rate, are designed to improve your mental and physical health to help fight Covid-19.
The breathing exercises are fun and simple, helping you harmonize your heart, mind, and lungs to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Sleep better
  • Relieve any tension
  • Improve focus

Boost Your Immune System

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, our stress levels have skyrocketed as we constantly worry about the safety of our loves ones and ourselves. Unfortunately, research shows that psychological stress is associated with an increased risk of acute infectious respiratory illness (David A.J. Tyrrell, M.D).

iFeelWell provides a scientific method to boost your immune system and improve your body’s resilience!
“All Persons With Cough, Fatigue And Fevers Should Also Have Pulse Oximeter Monitoring“

Dr. Levitan

More than
 an Oximeter

iFeelWell free stress relief app provides you with many ways to improve your health

HRV Training

HRV guided breathing training


Keep Track of Your Measure’s History


Easy Sharing with your physical

Sleep Coach

Practice your optimal breathing for better sleep

Guided Meditations

Relax and enjoy

Train With Fun Games!

Have fun while you improve your health
*For general wellness and health applications including sports, fitness, and relaxation management. Not intended to be used in the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of any disease.

iFeelWell smart Oximeter and App are not meant to diagnose COVID-19 and are not an alternative for proper diagnosis and treatment by medical professionals. Use the iFeelWell smart Oximeter to check your blood oxygen levels and heart rate daily and consult a medical professional about your measurements.

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