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Relaxation Breathing 
Guided by Your Heart Rate

The iFeelWell Stress relief app provides personalized breathing exercises guided by your live heart rate readings as obtained by the non-invasive fingertip smart oximeter sensor.

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How does it Work?


Step 1

The oximeters sends the app your: muscle tension reading, 
heart rate variability and oxygen level


Step 2

Based on the results, it continues live measurements
The iFeelWell app’s advanced algorithms calculate
the optimal personalized relaxation breathing rate.


Step 3

The app’s coaches guide you to harmonize your lungs, heart and mind. The pacer helps you calm down quickly to a state of deep relaxation.

Fight COVID-19 with iFeelWell App

Breathe Correctly to Boost Your Immune System!

Stress is prominent for many of us. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, our stress levels have skyrocketed as we worry about our and our loved ones’ health. There is scientific evidence regarding the connection between a healthy immune system and low stress. Reducing stress during this time is even more important.

When we feel stressed, it causes our breathing to be shallow and quick. Learning to change the breathing pattern will alleviate your anxiety, activate the body’s natural relaxation response and improve your immunity.
Measure oxygen levels and heart rate with iFeelWell smart pulse Oximeter to fight Covid-19

Monitor Lungs and Heart Functions

Use the smart pulse oximeter to keep track of oxygen levels and heart rate

Avoid COVID-19 deadly Silent Hypoxia

Reach for medical help if oxygen levels drop

Keep history of your measures

See your vital trends

Share your measurement with your physician

Take your measure history to be checked by a medical professional

Relief anxiety

Practice your relaxed optimal breathing daily

Boost immune system

Improve your HRV measures and calmness


iFeelWell’s Special Features

On top of keeping track of your vitals and serving as an optimal breathing coach, you will find more amazing features in the app that we designed to help you become healthier and calmer.

  • Calm / stress measures

    The iFeelWell smart pulse oximeter measures of muscle tensions, HRV, heart rate and oxygen levels provide you with an objective indicator about stress/calm levels. You can use the objective measures to see what makes you stressed and see how you can alleviate it. Track your measures over time and evaluate your progress.

  • Fun Games

    iFeelWell breathing exercises are fun and easy. You can practice optimal breathing while playing your favorite games like Candy Crush. You only progress in the game when you are breathing properly and healthily. Kids with asthma who used these games in research conducted at the Apollo Hospital had an improvement of 32% in asthma control, a reduction of 28% in rescue medication intake, and an improvement in the quality of patients’ life.
  • Sleep Coach

    The app offers guided mediation to help you calm down quickly and sleep easily. The app’s special sleep coach is designed to slowly bring you to the optimal pre-sleeping breathing rate, giving you calmer and deeper sleep.

What will you get by using iFeelWell?

Reduce your anxiety and stress
Get better sleep
Increase focus
Improve performance
Boost your immune system
Reduce muscle tension
Activate the body’s natural relaxation response

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For general wellness and health applications including sports, fitness, and
relaxation management. Not intended to be used in prevention, diagnosis or
treatment of any disease
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